Install Docker and pull necessary images for openedx

Install Docker

One of the requirements to be able to prepare your deployment node is installing Docker.

Visit and follow the instructions based on your operating system to install docker.

Set up your docker environment

Make sure your Docker engine is running

We have other docker images for deployer you can check them out here

# Make sure your docker engine is running
docker --version 

# Pull Koa version of Deployment Node
docker pull cubite/deployment-node:koa.master

# Go to deployer folder you created in previous step
cd deployer

# Create a container from the pulled image
docker run -it \
-v $(pwd)/configuration:/deployer/configuration \
-v $(pwd)/ansible.cfg:/deployer/ansible.cfg \
-v $(pwd)/edx-configs:/deployer/edx-configs \
-v $(pwd)/infra:/deployer/infra \
--name koaDeployer cubite/deployment-node:koa.master

# This creates new container called koaDeployer and mounts necessary files to it
# write exit to close the shell
# As soon as you exit the shell the container stops

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